About BITE

BINUS International Trading Enterprise (BITE) is a student club based in BINUS International University. The club is a semi-professional club with the base of business, trading and exchange. With learning and doing vision, the mission to educate and familiarize students with trading and exchange is carried out with guidance from professional practitioners and carry out real transaction.

BITE has an annual business competition called SIMBIZ that stands for Simulation and Business. The event is carried out as a mission to empower entrepreneurship and train business skills of the younger generation especially high school and university students.


  • Equip member with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and work ethics essential for today‚Äôs business world.
  • Creating and preserve a good relationship with other Binus clubs and institutions through collaboration in every possible event.
  • Participate in business and investment training to get knowledge that can be implemented.
  • Gather more experience and knowledge in business and investment through seminars, trainings
  • Practicing real business model through the internal activities and external activities.


Bring BITE members to be entrepreneurs that are able to establish profitable business for the entire stakeholders.