1. When is SIMBIZ 2018 going to be held?
SIMBIZ 2017 is on the 12th - 14th January 2018.
2. Where will it be held?
The Rally games is going to take place at TBA, while JA TITAN and Business Plan would take place in BINUS International JWC Campus.
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4. Are all participants allowed to come for the SIMBIZ buffet dinner?
No, only participants competing for the business plan would be able to enter the dinner.
5. What is going to be held on day 1?
Day 1 would comprise of Rally Games competition.
6. What is going to be held on day 2?
Day 2 would comprise of JA Titan competition.
7. What is going to be held on day 3?
Day 3 would comprise of Business Plan competition and JA Titan winner championship.
8. I can't come on one of the days, what would happen?
If your team partner is able to compete alone, then your team would still be allowed to compete. If both of you could not make it, then your team would be officially disqualified.
9. My question is not on the FAQ, what should I do?
You could either fill up the form in Contact or send an email to


1. How do I register for SIMBIZ 2018?
You should go to Page Competition Info > Online Registration.
2. Who should I contact if I have any registration questions?
You could either contact us by sending email to or fill up the form in Contact Page.
3. How much does the registration fee cost?
Registration fee costs IDR 450,000 (University) and IDR 400,000 (High School).
4. What would I get after I register online?
An email would be sent to the FIRST PARTICIPANT's email, comprising your registration code and entry detais. Our Registration Committee would also contact the FIRST PARTICIPANT's phone number.
5. When is the latest date to pay for my registration fees?
Payment should be paid within 1 week after you make your registration. If you do not pay within 1 week, your team details would automatically be deleted from our database.
6. How do I pay for the registration fees?
All payments should be done electronically (via transfer). Our committee would send you our account number as soon as you register. Further steps would be explained by our committees.