The competition consists of three stages that simulate the progress of profession; starting as an employee to a company, then as an executive, and finally as an entrepreneur in its field. The purpose of this competition is to enhance the participants' business skill by using the JA Titan Software, as an exercise as an executive driving the company to the right path, as well as their creativity in making business plans and solving puzzles along the way.

This competition is designed to motivate contestants to use their skill and build their own business. It will encourage students to come up with new and original development of business ideas that are applicable in a real life situation. The competition is open for high school and university students.

Round 1: Rally Games

The "Rally Game" is a simulation similar to scavenger hunt. This challenge will be held inside a plaza. The challenge will be finding 30 posts inside the plaza, which some of them are hidden by default. Each post will have a question and answer, and some challenge for the participants to solve. Each questions answered will have points that in the end each will be accumulated to the 2nd stage.

Round 2: JA Titan Business Simulation

JA Titan challenges students to act as an owner of a company running a brand new product that simulate a real business world. Student are required to apply their knowledge about how to analyze a business situation and to make a strategic decision about price, production, marketing, capital invesetment, and research and development, as they compete with other companies to keep the pace in the industry. In this competition, each group will be placed in one industry that consist of 8 companies in total. There will be 2 rounds with no elimination, the total score of which will be counted as the 40% of the total competition score. In addition, there will be a bonus round (3rd Round) for the top performing teams to pertake the spot to compete in more challenging battle to win a special throphy called "JA TITAN CHAMPIONSHIP".

Round 3: Business Plan Presentation

The last round will exhibit the participants' entrepreneurship side through creative and innovative business ideas. A topic for the business plan will be launched during the technical meeting and students are expected to plan a new business of a line of service or collection of product. The plan will be presented and tested by qualified judges. Students will have to plan every aspects of their own business like management, production, marketing and distribution.